physics_new.pngArea Leader for Physics:

  • Bogdan Bochenek (from September 2020)
  • Neva Pristov (from March 2004 to March 2019),
  • Thomas Haiden (from January 2003 to March 2004)



  • 2019

Reports: publications2.png

ALARO Working Days:

Workshops & Meetings:

  • 40th EWGLAM & 25th SRNWP joined meetings, 2018, Salzburg, Austria
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO status overview
    • National posters
  • Joint 28th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting , 16-20 April 2018, Toulouse, France,
    • Radmila Brožkova, Neva Pristov: ALARO-1 Canonical Model Configuration developments and tests
    • Luc Gerard: Reconnecting cloud representations in Alaro-1
    • National posters

  • 39th EWGLAM & 24th SRNWP joined meetings, 2017, Reading, UK
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO status overview
    • National posters
  • Joint 27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting, 3-6 April 2017, Helsinki, Finland
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO status overview
    • Luc Gerard: Cloud and convection in Alaro-1
    • Martina Tudor: Impact of the Sea Surface Temperature in operational forecast using ALADIN System
    • Rafiq Hamdi: Preliminary tests of the CMC ALARO-1 coupled to SURFEX-8 using CY43T2 over Belgium
    • National posters
  • The first SURFEX Users Workshop (SUW2017), 27 February - 1st March 2017, Toulouse, France 
    • Rafiq Hamdi: On the use of SURFEX as a new land surface scheme for the limited area NWP model ALARO
  • ALADIN-HIRLAM Clouds WW, 16-18 January 2017, Toulouse, France
    • Viktoria Homonnaï: Initialization of aerosols in LIMA scheme for AROME
    • Luc Gérard: Can we unify clouds representation throughout Alaro physics?
  • HIRLAM-ALADIN High Resolution Workshop, 4-6 December 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Martina Tudor: Dynamical adaptation of wind: set up for very high resolution
    • David Lancz: Modification of shallow convection parametrization of AROME in the grey