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  • 04.12.2008 - last modifications of the dynamical pages

- Limited Area Ensemble Forecasting - Probability Charts 

  1. Dynamic selecting of available products is implemented. If any "Type:" is selected, only available "Forecast:" ranges are marked by default in menu.

- ALADIN Operational Products 

  1. ALARO with resolution 4,4 km from Slovenia is added for all parameters. It is placed under "Country:" sl with heading SL4.
  2. Objective analysis of precipitation from SYNOP with ARPEGE fields is added under "Country:" an with heading AN.

- Horizontal toolbar is added for all dynamical pages under Mozilla Firefox browser.



  • 27.09.2007 - upgrade 2007

- Extended Private Zone
- Web Organizer
- DocuSearch
- RSS feeds


  • 16.07.2007 - ALADIN namelists comparison matrix

The new page is available under "LACE operational namelists". The namelist comparison matrix can help you to check your e001 namelist settings with others (author: Martin Janousek, CHMI)

  • 25.06.2007 - Modification of operational products

Welcome to the private zone
Available pages in private zone:
  a.. ALADIN Operational Products
  b.. ALADIN pEPS Multigrams
  c.. LAEF - Probability Charts
  d.. LAEF - Epsgram
and under Operational Activities you can find same structure.

  • 04.06.2007 - Extended search implemented

Search is able to find also a string in documents. At this moment only Public Zone is available for Search.

Supported documents are txt,xls,doc and pdf.

  • 29.05.2007 - New operational products on the web site - beta version

Additional operational products available on the web site rclace.eu. In private zone you can find new pages:  


I am just waiting for more detail documentation about the topics from responsible people, but even now there is space for your comment, question or remark.