ALARO-1 Working days 2022

CHMI, Prague, Czech Republic, 13-15 June 2022


Programme , List of participants


Photo (original): one


  Ján Mašek: Info on CAMS aerosols in radiation


Turbulence-Diffusion TOUCANS:
  Mario Hrastinski: Mixing length developments in TOUCANS
  Ivan Bašták Ďurán: The two‐energy turbulence scheme coupled to the assumed PDF method
  Ján Mašek: Wrap up of TOUCANS brainstorming (presentation of Ivan Bašták Ďurán)


Precipitations aspects (microphysics):
  David Němec: New developments in microphysics/graupel


  Luc Gerard: A new path to cloud and condensation reunification in ALARO


  Ján Mašek: Progress of ALARO with SURFEX


High resolution:
  Michiel Van Ginderachter: Validation of ALARO 1.3km at the RMI

  Pau Escribà: Status and upgrade of ALARO model in the AEMET-gSREPS
  Mária Derková: A-LAEF forecast performance for several prominent cases (presentation of Martin Belluš)


  Ján Mašek: Implementation of ALARO climate simulations on 2.3km

ALARO status:
  Radmila Brožková: ALARO operational experience in CZ
  Mario Hrastinski: ALARO operational experience in HR
  Piotr Sekula: ALARO operational experience in PL
  Neva Pristov: ALARO operational experience in SI
  Mária Derková: ALARO operational experience in SK


  Martina Tudor: Running MUSC with ALARO
  Ján Mašek: Tools for improving physiography in e923 clim files


Other presentations (plans/reports):
  Martina Tudor: Physics and ALARO CSC in ACCORD reporting
  Martina Tudor: Future developments and paths
  Bogdan Bochenek: Possible use of machine learning techniques in ALARO
  Martina Tudor: Code refactoring and apl_alaro
  Daan Degrauwe: Guidelines for refactoring the physics in view of GPU porting
  Martina Tudor: Physics in ACCORD RWP 2023