RC LACE Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee is advisory body that evaluate and monitor all aspects of RC LACE Project activities and voluntary contributions of local R&D activities. Steering Committee reports the quality of the Project to the Council, according to the documents prepared by Management Group.
The Steering committee meets 2 times per year. If changes are envisaged, an operational change in the plan can be made (emergency meeting or voting by e-mail).

List of LSC delegates:

  • Christoph Wittmann (Austria)
  • Suzana Panežić (Croatia)
  • Radmila Brožková (Czech Republic)
  • Gabriella Szépszó (Hungary)
  • Mária Derková (Slovakia)
  • Jure Cedilnik (Slovenia)
  • Alexandra Crăciun (Romania)
  • Małgorzata Szczęch-Gajewska (Poland)

LSC Chairperson

  • Gabriella Szépszó (Hungary)

List of LSC Meetings:

List of SAC (exLSC) Meetings and Minutes: