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ALARO-1 working days, CHMI, Prague, 13-15 June 2022

ALARO-1 working days, SHMI, Bratislava, 11-13 March 2019


ALARO-1 working days, IRM, Brussels,  12-14 September 2016
ALARO-1 working days, ZAMG, Vienna,  12-14 May 2014


ALARO-1 working days, Slovenian Environmental Agency, Ljubljana, 13-15 June 2012 


ALARO-1 working days, Hungarian Meteorological Service, Budapest, 16-19 February 2010

The main outcomes and decisions from the final discussions


Training Course on ALARO-0 - Radostovice (Cz), 26-30 March 2007

   Lectures, presentations and documentation

Workshop on concepts for convective parameterisations in large-scale models II: "Entrainment and Detrainment in Convective Plumes" - Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, 25-27 March 2009

List of presentations:

Plans and status

List of documentation related to ALARO (update March 2017): 

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The Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) Blue Book:

  • Vana, F., I. Bastak, and J.-F. Geleyn, 2011: Turbulence length scale formulated as a function of moist BruntVaisala frequency. WGNE Blue Book, chap. 4, 9-10.
  • J.-F. Geleyn, M. Vanandruel,  I. Bašták, D. Degrauwe, F. Váña, 2010:   An alternative method for handling the interactions between turbulence and phase changes, 4-03
  • L. Gerard, 2010: Improvement of convection parameterization in high resolution limit, 4-05
  • J.-F. Geleyn, Y. Bouteloup, B. Catry, R. Brozkova, 2007: A PDF-based method for computing the sedimentation effects within a full prognosic microphysical scheme
  • J.-F. Geleyn, F. Vana, J. Cedilnik, M. Tudor, B. Catry, 2006: An intermediate solution between diagnostic exchange coefficients and prognostic TKE methods for vertical turbulent transport
  • L. Gerard, J.-M. Piriou, J.-F. Geleyn, 2006: Advances in the integration of deep convection and microphysics for the meso-scale
  • J.-F. Geleyn, R. Fournier, G. Hello, N. Pristov, 2005: A new bracketing technique for flexible and economical computation of thermal radiative fluxes, scattering effects included on the basis the Net Exchanged Rate (NER) formalism

Documents & LACE reports:


  • SURFEX Users Workshop
    • Rafiq Hamdi: On the use of SURFEX as a new land surface scheme for the limited area NWP model ALARO
  • ALADIN-HIRLAM Clouds WW, Toulouse, 16-18 January 2017
    • Luc Gérard : Can we unify clouds representation throughout Alaro physics?
  • 38th EWGLAM & 23rd SRNWP joined meetings,  3-6 October 2016, Rome,Italy
    •    N.Pristov:  ALARO physics developments
    •    National posters
  • Joint 26th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting, 4-8 April 2016, Lisbon, Portugal
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO status overview
    • Radmila Brožková: New shallow convection parameterization in ALARO-1oint 26th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting,
    • National posters
  • Conference on "Understanding clouds and precipitation ", 15-19 Februar 2016 Berlin
    • Luc Gerard: Perturbation approach for scale-aware convection parameterization at kilometer resolution
  • 37th EWGLAM & 22nd SRNWP joined meetings,  5-8 October 2015, Belgrade, Serbia
    • N.Pristov:  ALARO physics developments
    • National posters
  • 33rd International Conference on Alpine Meteorology, 31 Aug – 04 Sep 2015, Innsbruck
  • Joint 25th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting, 13-17 April 2015, Helsingor, Denmark
    • Luc Gérard : Deep convection and downdraught in Alaro-1
    • Neva Pristov, Jan Masek: ALARO status overview with emphasis on ACRANEB2 radiation scheme
    • Radmila Brožkova : ALARO-1: first operational implementation
    • Ivan Bašták Ďurán: Operational version of turbulence scheme TOUCANS
    • Christoph Wittmann : Parameterization of orographic effects on surface radiation in AROME
    • Dávid Lancz : Modification of EDKF parametrization in the grey zone
  • WGNE/GASS Workshop: The Grey Zone Project, December 1-3, 2014 Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg Germany
    • Petra Smolikova: The multi scale parameterization concept ALARO
    • Luc Gerard: Multi scale behaviour of a deep convection parameterization using a perturbation approch
  • 14th EMS Annual Meeting & 10th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), 06 – 10 October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
    • Radmila Brožková and Jean-François Geleyn: Multi-scale parameterization concept ALARO: an example of its concretization
    • Ján Mašek, Jean-François Geleyn, Radmila Brožková, Tomáš Kráľ, Olivier Giot, Haliima Okodel Achom, and Peter Kuma: ACRANEB2 radiative transfer scheme - pushing the limits of broadband approach
    • Ivan Bašták Ďurán, Jean-François Geleyn, and Filip Váňa: Extension of turbulent scheme with prognostic TKE towards higher order solutions - prognostic TPE and parametrisation of TOMs
    • Jean-François Geleyn, Ivan Bašták Ďurán, and Pascal Marquet: Extending a dry turbulence scheme towards all moist aspects - main challenges, guidelines for maintaining consistency and practical solutions
    • Jean-François Geleyn, Jan Mašek, Radmila Brožková, and Peter Kuma: Band approach with selective intermittent strategy - a new way of doing effective and yet accurate radiative transfer calculations?
  •  36th EWGLAM & 21st SRNWP joined meetings,  29 September -  2 October 2014, Offenbach, Germany
    • Brožková  R. and N.Pristov:  Assembling Scientific Novelties in ALARO
    • National posters
  • WWOSC 16-21 August 2014, Montreal, Canada
    • Radmila Brožková, J. Mašek, I. Bašták Ďurán, J.-F. Geleyn: Anticipating some future challenges for operational parameterizations in high resolution Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Joint 24th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting , 7 - 11 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania,
    •     Radmila Brožková : Microphysics in 3MT and Grey Zone Experiments
    •     Neva Pristov : ALARO-1 - an overview of developments
    •     Jan Mašek : Validation of ACRANE2 Radiation Scheme (poster)
    •     National posters
  • 35th EWGLAM & 20th SRNWP joined meetings, 30 September - 3 October, 2013, Antalya, Turkey
    •     Pristov N.:  ALARO physics developments
    •     National posters
  • SRNWP Workshop on Model Physics and Ensemble Prediction Systems Madrid, 18 to 20 June 2013, AEMET
    •     Bašták Ďurán I.: TOUCANS: Modular turbulent scheme enabling multiple settings for stability functions, mixing lengths and shallow convection parametrisation (poster)
    •     Geleyn J.-F.:  Scanning basic parametrization choices in a state-of-the-art NWP high-resolution model, with respect to their basic potential for generating stochasticity
    •     Pristov N., C.Wittmann: Possibilities of the ALARO Physical Package for the use in EPS
  • Joint 23rd ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting , 15-19 April, 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland
    •     Brožková  R.:  ALARO-0 baseline: status and latest results on convective diurnal cycle an overview
    •     Pristov N.:  ALARO-1 an overview
    •     National posters
  • 34th EWGLAM & 19th SRNWP joined meetings, 8-11 October 2012, Helsinki, Finland
    •     Neva Pristov: ALARO Physics Developments
    •     Rafiq Hamdi: Recent developments with SURFEX coupled to ALARO
    •     National posters
  • Joint 22nd ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop, 7-10 May 2012, Marrakech, Morocco
    •     Piet Termonia : ALARO-1: an overview
    •     Joris Van den Bergh : Prognostic graupel and new cloud overlap scheme in ALARO
    •     Rafiq Hamdi : Coupling SURFEX/TEB to the high-resolution (4km) ALARO: Which benefits for a highly urbanized area, Belgium
    •     National posters
  • 21th ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop, 5-8 April 2011,Norrkoping,Sweden
    • Lisa Bengtsson: An approach to deep convection organization using cellular automata
  • The 20th ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop, Crakow, 13-16 April 2010
    • Ivan Bastak, Jean-François Geleyn, Filip Vana : TOUCANS : An attempt at synthesising
      new findings in turbulence + diffusion over the past 10 years
  • 31st EWGLAM and 16th SRNWP Annual Meetings,28 September -1 October 2009, Athens, Greece
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO physics developments
  • The 19th ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop , Utrecht, 12-15 May 2009
    • Jean-François Geleyn : Towards a common framework for (i) extensions of the Louis formalism, (ii) the RANS aspect of the QNSE theory and (iii) the class of ’No Ri(cr)’ Reynolds-type prognostic TKE schemes?
    • Tomas Kral : Revitalization of gaseous transmission functions in ACRANEB radiation scheme utilizing RRTM database
    • Ivan Bašták Ďurán : From ’p-TKE’ to ’e-TKE’: suppressing restrictive conditions, validating the extension of the ALARO-0 approach and exploring links with other methods 
  • Convergence days meeting, Toulouse 24-25 september 2008
  • 30th EWGLAM and 15th SRNWP Meetings , 6-9 October 2008, Madrid
    • Radmila Brožková: ALARO physisc; development of 3MT
  • The 18th ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop , Bruxelles, 7-10 April 2008
    • Radmila Brožková: Time-steps consistency aspects of 3MT
    • Luc Gérard : Advances in 3MT
  • 29th EWGLAM and 14th SRNWP Meetings , 8-11 October 2007, Dubrovnik
    • Neva Pristov: ALARO physics developments
  • HARMONIE Workshop, Helsinki, 10-14 September 2007
    • Radmila Brožková: ALARO-0 status of developments
  • The 17th ALADIN and HIRLAM Workshop , Oslo, 23-27 April 2007
    • Jean-Marcel Piriou : Status of 3MT
    • Radmila Brožková: Recent status of ALARO-0
    • Jure Cedilnik: Validation of microphysics without convection part
    • Neva Pristov: Statistical method used in thermal radiation
  • The 16th ALADIN Workshop, Sofia 16-19 May 2006
  • The 15th ALADIN Workshop, Bratislava 6-10 June 2005
  • The 14th ALADIN Workshop, Innsbruck 1-5 June 2004
  • A HIRLAM-ALADIN mini-workshop on convection and cloud processes, Tartu 24-26 January 2005

Few documents which are rather obsolete:

  • A HIRLAM-ALADIN mini-workshop on convection and cloud processes, Tartu 24-26 January 2005
  • The 14th ALADIN Workshop, Innsbruck 1-5 June 2004
    • Jean-Francois Geleyn: The general problem of moist processes in ALADIN-2
    • Luc Gerard: An integrated approach of microphysics and convection at high resolution