ALARO-1 Working days 2012

   Ljubljana, Slovenia, 13 - 15 June 2012

Programme,  List of participants

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Neva Pristov: Welcome
Piet Termonia: Introduction (scope, current status)
Jean-Francois Geleyn: From ALARO-0 to ALARO-1 (Why, When, How, Principles)

Daan Degrauwe:    The flexible physics-dynamics interface: principles and expectations


Christoph Wittmann: ALARO-0 experience in Austria
Piet Termonia:   ALARO-0 experience in Belgium
Martina Tudor:  ALARO-0 experience in Croatia
Mihaly Szucs:  ALARO-0 experience in Hungary
Doina Banciu:  ALARO-0 experience in Romania
Neva Pristov:  ALARO-0 experience in Slovenia
Neva Pristov:  ALARO-0 experience in Portugal
Tayfun Dalkilic: ALARO-0 experience in Turkey
David Lindstedt: ALARO-0 in climate simulations

Jan Masek :  Rehearsal of the gaseous transmission functions

Turbulence-Diffusion TOUCANS
Ivan Bastak Duran:  SOMs and TOMs
Jean-Francois Geleyn: Moist aspects of TOUCANS
Ivan Bastak Duran: Pre-operational choices (QNSE vs.MY-type, A or B system, Length-scale, Shallow convection cloudiness,...)

Precipitations aspects
Radmila Brozkova:  3MT in ARPEGE
Radmila Brozkova: New tuning of 3MT (Retuning of ALARO-0 at 4.7 km and consequences)
Jean-Francois Geleyn: Microphysics' evolutions, past, ongoing and foreseen (part 1): principles, structure, some details and past problems’ solutions
Radmila Brozkova: Microphysics' evolutions, past, ongoing and foreseen (part 2) : present status and foreseen evolutions (species’ handling, processes, geometry, layer’s split)

Convection - novelties in 3MT
Luc Gerard: Unsaturated downdraft in ALARO-1
Luc Gerard: Geometrical aspects of sub-grid convective condensation and precipitation (CSU concept, closure, time evolution)
Luc Gerard: CSU and convergence towards the 'all-resolved' solution (triggering, academic example studies; open questions; conclusions, planning)

Moist physics

Jean-Francois Geleyn: Unifying perspectives in interfacing, diffusion, precipitations and cloud-cover

Laura Rontu: HARMONIE physics plans
Piet Termonia: Working group discussion
Neva Pristov: LACE physics plans

Outcomes, plans, final discussion

First Announcement (April 2012)

The purpose is to present ALARO-1 developments, plans and
to spread knowledge about the ALARO to a wider ALADIN/LACE/HARMONIE community.

Tentative program:


  •   Generalities
    •     introduction, an overview
    •     evaluation of ALARO-0 (local experiences, reporting the current implementations,...)
  •   ALARO-1 overview of current developments
    •     TOUCANS moist turbulence and diffusive transport,
    •     radiation,
    •     precipitations aspects
    •     convection: novelties in 3MT
  •   Discussion
    •     current status, open questions/problems, link with SURFEX, definition of ALARO-1
    •     future issues

Three part will be roughly split over three days, with some flexibility.

Starting Wednesday (13 June) morning, closing Friday (19 Feb) noon.
Detailed program will be provided later.

Please, confirm your participation to Neva ( and Piet (
(if possible before 25 April) and contact us for any question.