6th RC LACE Steering Committee Meeting

6th RC LACE Steering Committee (LSC) Meeting was hosted by Hungarian Meteorological Service. The meeting took place from 16 to 17 of February 2006 at the HMS in Budapest.



List of Participants:

Mark Žagar (LSC chairman, SIm), Franz Wimmer (ATm), Dunja Drvar and Lovro Kalin (HRm),

Radmila Brožkova (CZm), András Horányi (HUm), Jan Mašek (SKm, notes taker), Dijana Klarić (PL), Neva Pristov

(WGL physics), Gergely Bőlőni (WGL Data assimilation), Filip Váňa (WGL Dynamics and coupling), Gwenaëlle

Hello (Météo France observer), Jeanette Onvlee (HIRLAM PM), Doina Banciu (non-LACE, non-MF observer), Peter

Lynch, Detlev Majewski (reviewers)

ASC was not present at the meeting due to his phasing duties in TLS. Jan Mašek reported in his name.