12th RC LACE Steering Committee Meeting

09-10 February 2009, Vienna, Austria




Dear colleagues,

There is one week to go for the LSC meeting, so its time for some practical information:

Meeting place and time: ZAMG, Hohe Warte 38, 1190 Vienna; seminar room (located in the ground floor of "Karl-Kreil-Haus"); the main entrance of ZAMG is in the street called "Hohe Warte" (see attached map), The meeting starts at 1330; dinner will be organized at 1900; on tuesday lunch is at 12:30;

Most of you have already been at ZAMG, but some of you haven't ... anyway, here is some information how to get to ZAMG/ the hotel.

How to reach ZAMG:

A) from Westbahnhof:
Take the underground U6 in direction "Floridsdorf" and leave the underground at station "Nußdorfer Straße" (see map, bottom) , after a short walk to the crossing of Nußdorferstraße with Nußdorfer Gürtel/Währinger Gürtel catch the tram Nr. 37 in direction "Hohe Warte" and leave the tram at station "Perntergasse" in front of our institute. Travel time is about 30 min

B) From Suedbahnhof:
From "Südbahnhof" take tram "D" (The stop of tram "D" at Südbahnhof is located in Arsenalstraße on the eastside of the railway station) and leave at stop "Schottentor". Go downstairs and use tram "37". This tram will take you directly to ZAMG, leave at station "Perntergasse". Travel time about 45 min

C) From the Airport:
There are several ways to get to the city and ZAMG. i would prefer to take the city airport train (CAT) or little bit slower train S7/S8 to "Wien Mitte" where you change to the underground U4 and go the terminal station "Heiligenstadt" (see map, upper right corner). From there you can either walk up the hill to ZAMG (taking Aussichtsweg takes about 10 min) or take the bus 10A/39A in front of the Heiligenstadt station in the direction "Niederhofstraße"/"Sievering", leave the bus at Barawitzkagasse and change to the tram 37 in the direction "Hohe Warte" and leave at the first stop "Perntergasse", ending up in front of ZAMG. Travel time about 1h.

How to reach Hotel Kaiser Franz-Josef:

Hotel Kaiser Franz-Josef is located in Sieveringerstraße Nr. 4. (see map)
From and to ZAMG the most convenient way is to take a 10-15min walk.

A) From Westbahnhof:
The same like described in A) .... BUT when leaving U6 at Nußdorferstraße, take tram 38 in direction "Grinzing" and leave at Sieveringerstraße.

B) From Südbahnhof: The same as described in B) ... BUT from "Schottentor" take tram 38 in direction "Grinzing" and leave at Sieveringerstraße.

C) From the Aiport. The same as described in C) ... BUT from Heiligenstadt you should just take bus 39A in direction "Sievering" and leave at Sieveringerstraße.

The tickets for public transport should be purchased at red ticket machines/kiosk .. before entering tram/underground/bus for 1.7 EURO. In tram and bus its possible to buy tickets for 2.20 (coins !!!). For any further information concerning public transport check www.wiener-linien.at .

Looking forward to see you in Vienna,
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
Best regards