28th RC LACE Steering Committee Meeting

28th Meeting, Payerbach, Austria, 13th - 14th March 2017  


Practical information

Dear colleagues,

There is one week to go for the 28th LSC meeting in Payerbach, so here some additional information.

1) As already mentioned: The meeting should start at 13:00 in "Hotel Payerbacherhof" (http://www.payerbacherhof.at/en/).
As most of you will arrive by car here are some instructions:
No matter you're coming from the south or the east/north you will normally go there by highway A2 and leave it at junction "Seebenstein" to continue on S6 in the direction of "Bruck a.d. Mur."
The crucial part finally is to leave S6 at exit "Gloggnitz" and then follow the road nr B 27 around 10min to Payerbach (after leaving the S6 Schnellstraße you will see signs showing "Payerbach" or "Rax/Schneeberg").
Find attached two maps indication the way to and location of Payerbach. The Hotel is on the right side after entering the village Payerbach (see pic), for parking you will probly have to turn right just before the hotel and the entrance to the parking will be somewhere in this minor road.

2) Be aware that in Austria there is the law that you have to drive on winter tires in case of snow/ice conditions on the road, otherwise you get penalty (35 - 5000 Euro). For the moment it seems that we're on the "save" side in terms of weather/road concitions, but we know that IFS hit rate is not 100% for day + 7 yet ;-).

3) For the time being i received two requests for transport from Vienna to Payerbach (Mirela and Tomislav). In the case there is somebody else who wants to join please contact me ASAP. @Mirela, Tomislav: Please let me know your arrival times/locations so we can arrange the transfer.

4) We will have dinner in the Hotel. In the case you have special requests (vegetarian food, etc.) please let us know before the meeting.

5) Find below the actual participants lists

6) My mobile phone number in the case you need any assistance is +436767085070.

Don't hesitate to contact me or Andrea in the case you need any further information.

Best regards, see you next week

P.S.: List of participants:

Tomislav Kovacic

Yong Wang

Angrea Sigl

Christoph Wittmann

Mirela Pietrisi 

Jozef Vivoda

Alena Trojakova

Mate Mile

OldÅ™ich Španiel

Martin Belluš

Jure Cedilnik

Neva Pristov

Radmila Brozkova

Petra Smolikova

Balazs Szintai






Presentations and Minutes