Term of References (TOR) of ALADIN-LACE System Coordinator

ALADIN System Coordinator (ASC) is a half time position. ASC acts under the responsibility of programme Manager. The duties of the ASC are:


  •  ASC is responsible to phase the agreed part of the developed code to the reference ALADIN library. To ensure effectiveness of the phasing ASC should stay at CNRM/Météo-France close to and with some overlap with the main phasing period. The length of these stays should be harmonized with Météo-France and they should not take more than 3 months per year.
  • ASC is responsible to collect the validated code developments done by the scientists under organization of RC LACE and verify that the coding standards of IFS/ARPEGE/ALADIN are respected.
  •  ASC is responsible to advise other members about structural changes in the code of higher cycles of the library.
  •  ASC is responsible to provide support during porting of new developments for each Member in a balanced way controlled by Programme Manager.
  •  ASC may visit some LACE centres regarding the phasing issues under the Programme Manager supervision. The ASC travel expenses at such short missions would be paid by host institutes, under the common rules.
  •  ASC is entitled to refuse the phasing to the principal ALADIN library of such pieces of the code which are too far from the coding standards or developed on too obsolete library cycles. ASC should advice the developer of the code how to proceed in such a case.
  •  ASC is responsible to maintain the WWW page of LACE.


Last update: 2008-10-28 10:00:54